Imagine if you could run your business with more ease.

I can help you get there.

If you’ve stumbled onto my corner of the internet…

You’re probably ready to change the way it feels to run your business.

I can help you fine-tune your business backend, so that you can run your business, and serve your clients, without the overwhelm.

Making it possible for you to enjoy the scenery whilst you get to scale your (business) mountain!

You started this journey into entrepreneurship because you wanted your business to support your lifestyle. But you keep hitting roadblocks.

You’re amazing at what you do. But running your business feels overwhelming. 

You love being able to serve your clients every single day… but often wonder if there’s an easier way to deliver your expertise.

It CAN be easier. And I can help.

Hi, I’m Jana. 👋

(It’s pronounced “Yar-nuh”, in case you were wondering.)

Online Business Manager for business owners who are ready to fall in love with their business again.

I take care of your business operations, so that you can:

I'm a Business Experience Strategist focused on creating the best possible experiences for you, your business, and your clients.

Let me tell you my story … and how it relates to yours.

I started my online business because I wanted to become location independent. I love travelling, exploring new places and cultures, learning other languages, having outdoors adventures, and finding out more about myself through those experiences.

At some point, I just couldn’t face having to start from scratch again next time I move countries. That’s when JK Virtual Solutions was born.

At that point, I was bringing more than a decade of corporate experience as an Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Project Manager, Team Coordinator, Tourism Marketer, and Digital Marketer, to my Virtual Assistant business. And I thought, well, now I just need to find online business owners who need my expertise, right?

Ehmmm, not quite.

As you’ve probably figured out by now as well, running an online business is not just about delivering your expertise.

It’s a lot about figuring out all those *necessary extras required to build, run, and grow a successful business online…

All those things that are essentially outside of your expertise. Things that you either need to master yourself, or get someone else to do them for you if you want your business to thrive.

*Things like: marketing, sales, design, website management, social media, systems and processes, automations, accounting, and the myriads of online business management tools out there designed to help you manage bits and pieces of that.

Frankly, running an online business can get overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

That’s why I made it my business to help other online business owners, like you, to improve on how it feels to run your business.

There are adventures to be had in business too. Let me help you create space for them.

My Clients’ Experiences

What my clients said about working with me.

“Working with Jana is an integral part of my business success. Her exceptional organisational skills and proactive approach have significantly lightened my workload, allowing me to concentrate on the core aspects of my work.”
Testimonial_Fabian Aussems 2_580x580
Fabian Aussems
Aussems Software
“Jana has saved me so much time and stress by dealing with the behind the scenes stuff of my business, which allows me to do what I do best: interact with my clients. Thank you Jana for supporting me and my clients in having their best journey possible!”
Testimonial_Lynn Dutrow
Lynn Dutrow
Lynn Dutrow Coaching
“Jana is an amazing person to work with! Her positive energy, her angle towards tasks she faces and her winning "let me see what I can do" attitude are a success in itself. She sees the greater picture and is on tasks until an outcome is achieved.”
Testimonial_Uwe Allgauer
Uwe Allgauer
Coworking Bansko

Let me be your new biz bestie.

I'll mind your business like my own.

And help you get all your ducks in a row. 🦆🦆🦆

Let me help you take a step back from the overwhelm of single-handedly managing all the moving pieces in your business.

Together, we’ll look at the bigger picture before breaking it down into smaller, digestible, and implementable steps. I’ll then help you connect all the previously unconnected dots and paint that bigger picture again. Just better. And with less overwhelm.

Working with me, you’ll tap into:

My qualifications

About my Framework

Let me explain my process and how it relates to where you are on your business journey.

Running an online business is messy. It’s a constant process of learning, implementing, refining and growing from there. Rinse and repeat.

Click on the stage that applies to you to find out more.

Stage 1

Figuring it out

You want to scale your business but are not able to because of the lack of systems and processes that would empower you to do so.

Not sure where to even start with this? What systems, tools, or processes do you even need to get to your desired ‘next level’? Whether you need to organise what you already have in place, make the existing tools play nicely together, add automations, introduce a new tool to the mix…?

If that’s where you are at, and you’d like some help with figuring out the next steps, then let’s mind the gap together. So you can finally get over your frustration with where things are, and start moving in the right direction instead.

Stage 2


Now that you’ve uncovered exactly what systems, processes, or structures you might need to zoom in on right now in order to set yourself up for that next step in your business growth, it’s time to start implementing.

And depending on how fast or slow you wanna make that happen, you could opt in for:

Don’t let procrastination get the best of you.

Stage 3


Now that the most pressing area of your business setup has been finally taken care of, you might’ve noticed how you’re getting more done with less energy input and less overwhelm. Whilst you also feel more in control of your daily/weekly/monthly to-do list.

Yehey! That feels good, right?

Seeing the overall benefits of having implemented some systems or processes in your business and experiencing how much better it feels to run your business now, you might even want to introduce more of that goodness, right?!

It might be time to look beyond the basics and into more advanced setups. Automations, anyone? Or how about setting yourself up for outsourcing some of those tasks that are outside of your zone of genius?

But first, don’t forget to capture all the goodness coming back to you from your clients.

Stage 4


Going through the previous three stages in the right order, you are now experiencing that growing your business, sustainably, is actually possible. It wasn’t even that complicated, right?

All you needed to do was:

And now you get to enjoy the benefits of having trusted the process and having done the work.

It’s almost time to figure out the next best step to uplevelling again. But wait! Don’t forget to glow a little in what you’ve just accomplished. – After all, growing a business is no small feat!

And once you’re ready to step your game up a notch again, come back to this proven process and just rinse and repeat the whole thing again. → Growing some more as a result.

So what’s the next area of your business that needs improving?

Stage 5

Rinse and Repeat

Ok, so you’ve fine-tuned another area of your business and reached that next destination on your business journey. Now it’s time to settle into your new normal… before you zoom on to what’s next again.

You’ve trusted the process, done the work, and reaped the benefits. You know the process works.

But you also know that growing a business is never a one and done thing. It’s a circular process of figuring out again and again what needs to be done next in order to help you reach your goals and make it all run smoother, better, and easier for you. To make your business work for you.

So, when ready, ask yourself again:

Then rinse and repeat the whole process from start to finish again.

Need some help figuring out how to get to the next stage?

Ready to go on a journey together?

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