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Looking to add an additional resource to your course? If an Airtable database is what you need, then this could be a match made in heaven!

I love building bespoke Airtable templates for people based on what they teach in their courses.

Whether it’s a tracker, a database, or an organiser you might need, let me create it for you so you can make it available to your students as an additional resource to support them on their learning journey.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get in touch with me

Fill in the form below to let me know a little bit about you, your course and what your students might need: a tracker, a database, an organiser, or something else? I’m all ears.

2. Let's agree on details

After that, we schedule a call to chat through the details, and to decide on pricing that feels like a perfect fit for your students.

3. You give me access to your course

If we agree to go ahead with this, the next step is for you to give me access to your course so I can create a resource that’s fully customised to what you teach in the course.

4. I create a bespoke Airtable resource for you

I go through your course, and based on your teachings in it, I create a bespoke Airtable base for your students.

5. You make the resource available to your students

The next step is for you to add it to your course as an additional resource to your course, a resource available for your students to purchase, if they wish to do so.

6. We split the proceeds of any sales made

We split the proceeds of any sales made on your new Airtable resource on a monthly or quarterly basis. Rinse and repeat.

7. Everyone lives happily ever after 🎉

This course template collaboration is truly magical:

Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me!

Ready to start the conversation about how I could help you better support your students on their learning journey with you? Please fill out the form below.

Want me to speak to your audience? 🎙️

I’d love to be a guest on your podcast or to speak in your group. Here’s a list of topics I can talk to your audience about:

How to make your brand stronger through the experiences you provide.

After all, that feeling determines whether you stick to it in the long term or you get a job instead.

All about the journey from buyers to customers to raving fans.

For guesting enquiries, please complete the brief form linked below.

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