Improving experiences for you, your business and your clients.



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Who Works With Me

Coaches, entrepreneurs and business owners who crave more ease in their day-to-day of running their businesses.

Especially those who want to improve experiences for themselves and/or their clients.

Here is what I can help you with

Online Business Management



Customer Experience Strategy


Customer Experience Management



Webinar Experience Management



Event Experience Management



Why should you work with me?

Working with Jana is always a pleasure as she is detail-oriented, takes a holistic approach and excels at improving the experience for everyone involved. She has helped us with a number of important business tasks and I love knowing that I can trust her to interface with clients or subcontractors and not miss a beat.

Heather Thorkelson

Business Coach

Jana is an amazing person to work with! Her positive energy, her angle towards tasks she faces and her winning “let me see what I can do” attitude are a success in itself. She sees the greater picture and is on tasks until an outcome is achieved. She really takes over responsibility for getting things done.

Uwe Allgauer

Founder and Manager of

I have worked with Jana in the past and present and we have a great collaborative partnership. She is efficient, communicative and responsive. Her work is always highly detailed, on point and timely. She has never missed a deadline and I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Alice Hannam

Executive Assistant to the Director of Lifesaving Operations

About Me

I have worked in a variety of industries, with multinational companies, national tourist boards, small and medium enterprises as well as with one man / woman show entrepreneurs so I understand that business is business, and yet…

It doesn’t have to be heartless or cold. 

Actually, the more human it gets, the more satisfactory it is for everyone. For the business owner, the employee, the customer, the bottom line.

My work could easily be described as professionalism with humanity. 

Because I’ve seen time and time again that if done heartlessly…

It is easy to turn any experience into a bad one. All that’s needed is doing less, caring less, being indifferent or simply just not be willing to help.

Often, bad experiences can be improved by taking simple actions: listening, providing additional information, saying kind words, offering a helping hand.

With the right focus and intention, it is possible to turn average experiences into extraordinary ones.

And that’s what I choose to focus on in my life and business:




Some more testimonials & Featured Clients

Jana was helping us with various projects for Coworking Bansko, including creating a Guide to Bansko and with various events. She is a skilled writer, researcher and coordinator and brings each project to a successful conclusion. I would highly recommend her for any project management roles.

Matthias Zeitler

Cofounder at Coworking Bansko

Jana did an excellent job as a community manager for the Digital Nomad Kit’s student support group. She was efficient, helpful to all members and took the time to craft thoughtful feedback. She organized social events for the community and maintained a positive and fun demeanour, keeping everyone engaged. Thanks, Jana!

Hannah Dixon

Founder at Digital Nomad Kit

Jana exerts a positive influence on everyone she meets. She is an excellent communicator, highly organised, flexible and a good time manager. She consistently displays high integrity and comprehensive follow through on all projects she engages in.

Jill Barrett

Career Coach/Trainer/Facilitator at the Head Coach

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