Experiences worth having creating providing capturing remembering talking about

Wanna know how to improve experiences for yourself, your business, and your clients - with ease?

Welcome to the world of business experiences worth remembering (and talking about) - for all the right reasons!

If more than a decade in the corporate world, and 10 years as an online business owner have taught me anything, it’s this.

In business, just like in life...

It's all about the experience.

Because business is personal.​​

Whether you are B2C or B2B, it always comes down to this:

We, humans, do business with other humans. 

So, if you believe these phrases instead:

“It’s not personal, it’s business.” or “Work is work, and personal is personal, and the two aren’t meant to mix.”

This is NOT the right place for you.

Because here, we understand that business is business, and yet… 

It doesn’t have to be heartless or cold. 

Actually, the more human it gets, the more satisfactory it is for everyone. For you, your people, and your bottom line!

And so it’s really important that...

Online experiences are here to stay.​

We just need to make them better.

More enjoyable. Smoother. More memorable. Exceptional. Seamless. Unforgettable. 

Those are the experiences that will make you, the business owner, enjoy running your own business again. Whilst also making you stand out in the crowded marketplace of oh-so-bland experiences that are not worth talking about.

(Not for the right reasons, anyway!)

What's in it for YOU?

(A word about those dreaded business systems and processes.)

Let’s be honest. 

You started your online business because you wanted more freedom in your life. Less commuting, more time with your family, more time for your hobbies, whilst also having an avenue for delivering your expertise and getting well paid for it.

Or perhaps you like travelling and you needed to become location independent to avoid having to start from scratch each time you move countries. And so your online business was born. (That’s my case, by the way.)

Whatever your motivations, you probably dreamt of building a business that will support your lifestyle, is easy to run, and helps you make an impact in the world. A business that you can grow over time, at your own pace, sustainably.

The truth is that building a business like that depends heavily on having the right systems and processes in place.

Systems  that will help you:

The good news? Your business setup does not need to be costly or complicated to help you achieve all of the above!

In fact, my clients tell me time and time again how working with me helped them simplify their business backend, their service delivery and ultimately, their lives.

“My life is so much better. I am actually making progress on the myriad of projects that had been lingering for a long time.”
080120_ErinAllgood-12_square (1)
Erin Allgood
Allgood Strategies
“Jana is an incredible systems thinker, and has worked wonders on my behalf in terms of helping me feel more in control of the work on my plate.”
Testimonial_Genie Gratto_800x800
Genie Gratto
“Working with you this year has been so good. I feel much lighter and very organised!
Testimonial_Ola Kowalska 2_460x460
Ola Kowalska
Ola Coaches Teachers

Where are you on  your  Business Journey?

Let me explain my process and how it relates to where you are on your business journey.

Oh, by the way, I’m Jana!

[It’s pronounced Yar-nuh, in case you were wondering.]

I’ve been called many names over the years: Executive Assistant, Project Manager, Team Coordinator, Tourism Marketer, Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Client Experience Specialist, and more.

These days, I call myself: Business Experience Strategist, Online Business Manager, Integrator, Rock Climber, Life-long Language Learner, Slow Traveller, and Outdoors & Sunshine Lover.

Whatever my roles, they have one thing in common – My focus on turning ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. 

For you, your business, and your clients. With an extra attention on simplifying your business operations, and making your business work for you and your lifestyle. 

Wanna know my real titles and qualifications?

My Clients’ Experiences

What my clients remember about working with me​

“Working with Jana is always a pleasure as she is detail-oriented, takes a holistic approach and excels at improving the experience for everyone involved.”
Testimonial_Heather Thorkelson_800x800
Heather Thorkelson
Triple Business Owner
"I give Jana massive credit for managing to organise all of our work, contracts and subcontractors on a couple of particularly challenging and disorganised client engagements.”
Testimonial_James Cross_450x450
James Cross
Colibri Digital
“If you recognise the importance of providing a great customer experience in support of your brand, I’d highly recommend working with Jana.”
Testimonial_Meg Ward_200x200
Meg Ward
Share Your Big Idea

Ready to improve your experience ?

Running a business is like scaling a mountain. Sometimes, in your quest to reach the top, you forget to enjoy the majestic views along the way.

If you’re ready to change that, then take the quiz below.

It’ll help you uncover how your traveller type affects the way you do business → and how to turn that knowledge into your biggest business advantage! 

Choose your adventure.

Starting a business is no small feat. It’s only suited for those with grit, resilience, and passion in their backpack.

Growing a business? That’s such an adventure! 

And whilst there is no right or wrong way to do your business, if you are in this for the long haul (and I hope you are), then whatever you choose to do needs to be:

After that, it’s up to you how fast or slow you are going to get there.

Choose wisely.