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Running a business is like scaling a mountain. Sometimes, in your quest to reach the top, you forget to enjoy the majestic views that appear along the way. Sad, right?! If you’re ready to bring more adventure into running your online business venture, then take this quiz. It’ll help you uncover how your traveller type affects the way you do business → and show you how to turn that knowledge into your biggest business advantage!

Check this guide to find out how to make the most out of the first 100 days with your newly gained customers to build trust and loyalty with them right at the start of their journey with you. Work through the four foolproof ways to wow your new group members before they’ve even started your programme. → Wow your members in the process, and create raving fans of your brand in the long run!

Feeling like you are dropping the ball when it comes to onboarding new clients? Time to streamline your onboarding processes with the help of a well thought-out Client Intake Form that’ll help you get to know your clients and better understand their needs, wants, and expectations right at the start of their journey with you. So can deliver on those expectations (or readjust them if needed), and easily track the exact transformation you help your clients achieve through your work.

Is your time with a client coming to a close? Time to say goodbyes… but also, the perfect time to encourage your hard-earned clients to take the next step on their journey with you! Use this quick, action-oriented, and easily customisable Offboarding Document Template to clearly communicate all the ways you can keep supporting them further along on their journey, once they are ready to take that next step. (Applicable to 1:1 client work, events, and group programs.)

Ever heard the phrase “Money is in onboarding”? Yeah, me neither. And it really astounds me because the way you onboard your clients can make or break the whole customer experience for them! Use this quick, highly-actionable and easily customisable Welcome Document Template to streamline your onboarding processes, increase your efficiency, reduce the risk of missing critical details and set your business up for long-term success.

We’ve all experienced it. Group programmes and memberships with information about ‘where to find what’ scattered all over the place… confusing the hell out of everyone, messing up with your engagement, and creating a not-so-great experience for everyone involved. If you’re ready to streamline your group programme experience by keeping all that precious information in one place then take advantage of this easy to follow Welcome Document Template that’ll help you go from scattered to organised in about an hour.

Planning your first or next event and questioning what your attendees might want to know and how to efficiently get that information communicated to them? This highly-actionable and easy to follow template will help you welcome and orientate your event attendees long before they get to your event venue, making them feel comfortable and excited about attending from the get go! (Applicable to both in-person and online events.)

Looking to increase your visibility through guesting on podcasts, speaking at summits, or contributing to bundles? Get Guesting Headquarters, a plug-and-play Airtable organiser designed to help you keep on top of all your guesting-related tasks, meet all the deadlines and manage multiple guesting opportunities simultaneously. All the while you’re actively building a robust bank of all the pieces of expertise you’ve shared with the world, so you can easily build upon it → effortlessly growing your authority over time.

Frustrated with losing track of all the courses/workshops/checklists you’ve ever bought? Fed up with forever searching for logins and not making progress on anything because you can’t even remember what you’ve got? Introducing the Knowledge Bank. A plug-and-play organiser designed to help you easily keep track of all the places you learn from, PLUS all the places you contribute your knowledge to (podcasts, summits, bundles). One powerful database that rules them all! My preciousss…

Annoyed with forever losing your client testimonials in the abyss of your computer? Then set yourself up with a system that allows you to effortlessly ask your clients for feedback and/or testimonials, automatically gather their responses, and keep everything that comes in organised in a way that makes it easy to act on it. → So that you can quickly turn your clients’ words into a valuable asset that boosts your reputation, attracts more business and keeps your existing customers coming back for more.

“Jana’s template came just in time for a group I was offering live for the first time and it saved me so much time and mental anguish!”
Testimonial_Lynn Dutrow
Lynn Dutrow
Lynn Dutrow Coaching

Get My Help

All the ways to get my help implementing, customising, and/or figuring it out.

Building an online business can be lonely. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Come join fellow online business owners for weekly coworking/body doubling sessions designed to boost your productivity and keep you accountable to work ON your business rather than always just working IN it. I’ll be right there with you to answer any questions you might have about how to simplify your business backend, streamline your systems & processes, and make it easier for yourself to run your business.

Need some help customising one of *my templates to your very specific business needs? No problem! Let me know what exactly you’d need the template to do for you (in your onboarding questionnaire) and I’ll do my magic customising it to your specific needs. (*Applicable to any templates or toolkits you’ve got from me.)

Get your customised template up and running by the end of our session together.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know – Mind The Gap Sessions are perfect for those times! Let me help you take a step back from your business and see all those individual pieces you already have in place from a fresh perspective. We’ll look for any gaps in your business that need bridging and replace them with opportunities to make things run better, smoother, or more efficiently. So that you can run your business with a lot more ease.

“When I started my flagship community coworking program The Incurables, bringing Jana in for a Customer Journey Audit was the single best investment I made. Her attention to detail, her ability to get into the mind of the user on the smallest of UX elements, and her recommendations and implementation of processes to streamline the community's communications protocols and therefore fully tighten up the level of service we provide were absolutely invaluable.”
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Heather Thorkelson
Triple Business Owner

Let me do the heavy Lifting

Get personalised solutions, pronto!

OBM Services for business owners who’re ready to change the way it feels to run their business. I take care of your business operations, so that you can experience less overwhelm serving your clients, spend more time in your zone of genius, and grow a sustainable business that you actually enjoy running.

Let me help you fine-tune your business backend, so that you can run your business and serve your clients, with ease. 

A custom system-build for multi-passionate online business owners who want a streamlined process to easily ask for, receive, and actually use their clients’ words to strengthen their messaging, fine-tune their offerings and sell more of their stuff to their ideal clients.

Monthly retainers available as an add on after the initial setup.

"Working with Jana is the best decision I ever made in my business. I didn't have a clear idea of what help I needed or how to build more efficiency into my business, but Jana came in and clarified, organized, and built systems and structures from scratch. I feel like I have a trusted partner in Jana who can take my vague ideas and turn them into a reality (that is better than I could have ever envisioned)."
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Erin Allgood
Allgood Strategies

Hi, I'm Jana.

A Business Experience Strategist passionate about helping online businesses of all shapes and sizes to simplify, streamline and refine their backend. →  So that you can run your business and serve your clients with ease.

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