Choose your adventure.

There seems to be a silver bullet for just about anything these days.

The quickest way to get to where you want to go. The only way to get there. Instantly. But no matter how loud the so-called online business gurus shout that from the rooftops, I beg to differ. There’s time for everything.

Time to…

Go slow

Speed things up a little

Make progress speedy gonzales style

There are so many different modes of transport, speed levels, and forms of travel available to you.

So let’s have a look at…

All the different ways to get you from where you are now → to your next business destination.

Choose the one that feels right for you right now.

And just know that if your chosen trail gets too easy or too hard for you at any point, you can always switch to a different one.

Choose your own adventure.

Go slow

Slow and steady wins the race

🥾 The Solo Hiker Level

Sometimes, you just want to walk, aka you want to figure it all out by yourself. And that’s fine.

As long as you remember that it takes considerably more time to get somewhere on foot. (Even more so, if you get lost along the way just because you decided to not ask anyone for directions.)

But, if you are at that stage on your business journey when doing it all by yourself is the only option, then keep on walking. (You’ll get there eventually, I promise.) In the meantime, you probably don’t need me, or this website, all you need is a really good pair of boots and lots of persistence.

I do a lot of walking myself!

But sometimes, I like to speed up the level of progress I’m making in my business by looking for sign posts, or asking for directions.

So, if you’d like to keep on walking, AND at the same time, you’d like to receive occasional tips on how to get to your business destination faster, then you can get some directions from my newsletter.

🚴 The Bicycle Level

There are many user cases and many advantages to choosing a bicycle as your mode of transport! 

went to explore Valencia (it’s beautiful, by the way!) and opted to see it on a bike instead of walking around. And it was the best choice for a city of that size, you know? By the way, it really helped that Valencia is flat and there are cycling paths everywhere.

So if you have that sort of infrastructure in your business that allows you to just make sure you check all the boxes on certain things you want to achieve, then the bicycle option is the best option for you.

Not to forget there are added health and fitness benefits to getting on a bike and cycling around for hours at a time.

But sometimes, you’ll want to move a little bit faster. And once it comes to that, you’ll start looking for any shortcuts out there: checklists, templates, toolkits, or any other short-form DIY resources that’ll help you avoid figuring out yet another thing to apply in your business, all by yourself, from scratch.

If that’s where you are at right now, then go check my selection of shortcuts for you.

Now, I also understand there are times when moving around on a bike can be a real pain in the ass! (Like, literally!)

So choose wisely, my friend. If dealing with sore legs and painful 🍑 is not for you, then choosing a motorcycle will not only get you to your destination faster, it will also be more comfortable.

Speed things up a little

Switching to the fast lane

🏍️ Hop on a motorbike

Sometimes, a motorbike can be the optimum way to get to places.

…and at the last moment, we opted for seeing it on a motorcycle (a scooter, to be precise.) 

Initially, we were going to do it all on a bike, just like we did in Valencia. But can you imagine cycling around a city of Barcelona’s size? Where the traffic is so much more dense, distances so much bigger and where there are not that many bicycle lanes to be found around either. 

Well, let’s just say, the temperatures were high on that day, around 42 C, so we were clearly not thinking straight! 😅

And I’m so glad we went with the motorcycle option in the end! It was so much easier (and faster) to get from one place to another that way! Plus,the parking was a breeze too! Much better than moving around by car, as our scooter was allowed to be parked wherever we found a little spot where a motorbike fits. Finding a parking spot for a car near popular tourist destinations would be such a nightmare!

All that to say…

The motorcycle option is the best if you’d like to get to your destination faster, but without the hassle of a bigger investment.

If that’s your case, then you might want to consider getting a little bit of help in your business and something like my Magic Template Makeovers might be the perfect fit. They are perfect if you need some help customising any of my templates to your very specific business needs. You tell me what you need to get done and I’ll do all the customising for you!

🚂 How about a train ride?

If you are in this for the long ride, then taking a train can be a very comfortable way of going about your business.

Trains are perfect for those long distance journeys, when you also want to take breaks from all the sitting, stretch and walk around, maybe have a chit-chat with other passengers, or just take a breather to appreciate the scenery.

If that’s how you can imagine yourself getting to your business destination, then check my free community, This Business Adventure Coworking. It’ll give you the extra support needed to keep yourself motivated and accountable to make progress, in a company of like minded entrepreneurs, and with my support along the way.

🚘 Did someone say “road trip”?

Do you know exactly where you are going, with your business destination being crystal clear to you? Awesome! Sounds like a road trip to me!

All you need now are the exact directions to get you to your destination, right?

If that’s the case, jumping on one of my Mind The Gap sessions is like jumping in a car with a built-in GPS. It’ll give you a blueprint (a roadmap, if you will) of how to get from where you’re right now → to your next business destination.

A personalised blueprint that’ll point out: 

All in all, a roadmap that will keep you firmly on your trajectory, making it possible to reach your goal destination faster, and with plenty of energy still left to enjoy the success that comes with it!

Just sit down & enjoy the ride​

Getting it done Speedy Gonzales style

🚕 Hail a taxi

Alright, I appreciate there are so many things to learn about, take care of, and/or implement on the entrepreneurial journey. And sometimes, you just don’t want to do all the driving yourself.

The hail a taxi option is perfect for those times when you just want to tell someone your destination and have them take you there.

Ready to just sit down and enjoy the ride? You can even cross off some other things from your todo list whilst someone else does the driving… Sounds good, right?

If that’s the case then have a look at my implementation services. Let me do the heavy lifting of getting the work done for you, freeing you for those tasks that are in your zone of genius. Those tasks that make a real difference to your business success.

✈️ Book your flight

Booking your flight is for those times and situations when you just want to get to your destination like ‘yesterday’!

No pedalling, no driving. Just present yourself at the airport with all the necessary travel documentation needed for your smooth onboarding. Then sit down in your window seat and enjoy being transported to your fancy new destination.

I’ll do all the strategising, customising, and implementing needed to complete your project whilst you chill by the pool, waiting for all the goodies to be delivered to you.

Not quite sure what solution is the best fit for you right now?

Tell me about your travel style and let my quiz point you in the right direction!