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Online Business Management Services

Perfect for online business owners who:

Is this you? Then keep on reading…

You started your journey into entrepreneurship because you wanted your business to support your lifestyle.

Only to realise that running an online business is not just about delivering your expertise, but a lot about figuring out all those necessary extras required to build, run, and grow a successful business online…

All those things that are essentially outside of your expertise!

Things that you either need to figure out and master yourself, or get someone else to do them for you if you want your business to thrive.

Frankly, single-handedly managing all those moving pieces involved in running an online business can get overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

It CAN be easier. And I can help.

Ready to change the way it feels to run your business?

Even though you’re more than able to do all the things in your business by yourself, if you are…

It’s time to team up with someone who’ll help you take a step back from the busy work so you can see your business from a fresh perspective.

Hey, I’m Jana 👋

An Online Business Manager for business owners who are ready to change the way it feels to run their business.

I take care of your business operations, so that you can:

Let me help you fine-tune your business backend, so that you can run your business, and serve your clients, with ease.

Here’s what previous clients have said about working with me:

“Jana has saved me so much time and stress by dealing with the behind the scenes stuff of my business, which allows me to do what I do best: interact with my clients.”
Testimonial_Lynn Dutrow
Lynn Dutrow
Lynn Dutrow Coaching
“Working with Jana is always a pleasure as she is detail-oriented, takes a holistic approach and excels at improving the experience for everyone involved.”
Testimonial_Heather Thorkelson_800x800
Heather Thorkelson
Triple Business Owner


Online Business Management Services

for business owners who're ready to fall in love with their business again.

Let me be your new biz bestie…

I will mind your business like my own.

And help you get all your ducks in a row. 🦆🦆🦆

Here are just a few examples of what I can help you with:

There are adventures to be had in business too. Let me help you create space for them.

Ready to make running your business easier for yourself?

Working with me, you’ll tap into:

10 years of experience running my own online business and supporting other online business owners running theirs.

More than a decade of experience from the corporate world - in a variety of industries including: banking, tourism, events, education, coaching and more.

A wide range of qualifications including: business administration, project management, tourism, digital marketing, public relations, event management and more.

An ability to slot myself quickly into your business and start doing the work asap.

A knack for finding simple solutions to seemingly complicated problems.

For more info about me, my framework, and how it relates to where you are on your business journey, click here.

And this is what you’ll walk away with:

How it works:

1. Let’s find out if we are a good match

Book a no-obligation Exploration Call with me to ensure your needs and my skills are a good match.

2. Choose your package

If we decide to work together, you’ll go ahead booking an OBM package most suitable to your immediate needs, as per our chat.

3. Let’s get you sorted, one area at a time

Then we’ll look at the bigger picture of your business before I break tasks down into smaller, digestible, and implementable steps. As part of the process, I’ll help you connect all the previously unconnected dots and paint that bigger picture again. Just better. And with less overwhelm.

In other words, we’ll look at one area of your business, get it organised, streamlined or automated, document the process and get it ready to either be outsourced to a VA or someone else on your team going forward.

Once that particular area of your business is taken care of, we’ll move on to the next one. And the next one after that. One by one, streamlining all moving pieces of your business backend so that you can run your business with ease, spend more time in your zone of genius, and focus on serving your clients and delivering your expertise. Whilst knowing that everything else in your business is taken care of.

Ready to book your chat?

If that sounds like what you need, then let’s have a conversation and see where that might lead.

P.S. You don’t need to have it all figured out before you take the first step.


If we decide to work together, you’ll get an option to book an OBM Services package with me.

These are the packages you’ll be able to choose from:

5-hrs Package
Exploration Package
Experience the first 5 hours of working with me, no strings attached.
5 hrs of expert OBM support
10-hrs Package
Catch Your Breath
Take some time to get strategic!
10 hrs of expert OBM support
15-hrs Package
Enjoy The Scenery
Let’s grow your business, together!
15 hrs of expert OBM support
20-hrs Package
Expedition Package
Let’s take your business to a whole new level!
20 hrs of expert OBM support
“I didn't have a clear idea of what help I needed or how to build more efficiency into my business, but Jana came in and clarified, organized, and built systems and structures from scratch. I feel like I have a trusted partner in Jana who can take my vague ideas and turn them into a reality (that is better than I could have ever envisioned)."
Testimonial_Erin Allgood_800x800
Erin Allgood
Allgood Strategies
Working with Jana is an integral part of my business success. Her exceptional organisational skills and proactive approach have significantly lightened my workload, allowing me to concentrate on the core aspects of my work.”
Testimonial_Fabian Aussems 3_580x580
Fabian Aussems
Aussems Software

My OBM Services are perfect for you if…

Ready to work together?

Let's get you from...

“I’m an extremely messy business owner. Everything works, money is being made but there is constant stress related to non-existent systems, SOPs etc.”

“I feel much more calm about my business. I have space for more entrepreneurial/creative work and to be in my zone of genius more often!”

The most frequently asked questions

Do I need a VA or an OBM? I'm not sure...

I used to be a VA and now offer a hybrid of strategy, project management and implementation for my clients. Best to have a chat about your exact needs though to see if I can help you out.

I’ve never hired a contractor before. What do I need to have ready before we start?

Don’t worry, I was the first hire for many of my clients and am used to guiding my clients through the process. There’s nothing you need to get ready before we start. Once we decide what we are working on first, I’ll let you know what I need from you in order to get my part of the work done. 

What if we are not a good match?

I’ve heard time and time again how difficult it can be to find the right person to work with. Understandably, if you’ve been burnt before when hiring a contractor, it can be difficult to trust the process again. If that’s what you’re going through,then I’d recommend starting with the Exploration Package that allows you to just try things out before committing to a longer term partnership.

“Jana has been instrumental in getting my back-of-house systems wrangled, my work life organized, and serving as a cheerful, superbly-competent, motivating colleague who brings great ideas to the table along with her incredible organizational and systems-thinking skills. I cannot say enough about what an asset she has been and continues to be.”
Testimonial_Genie Gratto_800x800
Genie Gratto
“When Jana first joined, I didn't have a clear vision of what her job role would be - just that we needed help organising some of our engagements. Jana embraced this like a true professional and, several months down the road I'm pleased to say that the business and engagement process is much more streamlined. She's now an integral part of the team as well as a trusted advisor."
Testimonial_James Cross_450x450
James Cross
Colibri Digital

I currently have an opening for one more OBM client.

If working with me is of interest, book your call below and let’s have a chat.