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Client Voices Amplified

A custom system-build for multi-passionate online business owners who want a streamlined process to easily ask for, receive, and actually use their clients’ words to strengthen their messaging, fine-tune their existing offerings and sell more of their stuff to their ideal clients.

Ready to stop losing your clients’ testimonials in the abyss of your computer, or scrambling to get suitable new testimonials in just minutes before your next launch?

Get a streamlined system custom-built for you in just one week. Use it happily ever after.

You’re busy enough already.

Busy running your business, sourcing new clients, working on your projects, creating new offers, delivering your expertise…

So busy that asking for testimonials from your clients is the last thing on your mind. An afterthought. A thing in the nice-to-have category.

Up until the very moment you need to source the perfect new testimonials to use on your shiny new sales page. Those perfectly worded testimonials that help you strengthen your messaging and sell more of your offer as a result.

You are ready to bring your latest creation to the world...

All you need now is a couple of perfectly worded testimonials to use on your shiny new sales page. Wishfully thinking you had the time, or a system in place to promptly get the new ones in – and to get them in fast!

Or a system that would help you quickly locate and scan through all those testimonials you’ve received in the past… surely, there are some suitable ones in there you could repurpose for this new offer of yours. If only you could figure out where all those past testimonials ended up…

Why is it that you can never locate the right ones easily when you need them the most?!

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

But what if you could...

Hey, I’m Jana 👋

A Business Experience Strategist who loves geeking out about how to improve experiences for online business owners like you.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping online business owners of all shapes and sizes to organise, systemise, and streamline their business backends. So that they can grow their businesses, and serve their people, sustainably.

The Client Voices Amplified VIP Week? That’s a service created to help my clients deal with an area that so often took the back seat in their businesses! Despite knowing that capturing and utilising their client feedback effectively will help them improve their current offerings, generate more trust with potential clients, and successfully promote and strengthen their brand.

If that’s what you want too, then book your spot below.

Here’s what previous clients have said about working with me:

“Thanks to Jana, I now have a system in place for getting testimonials that utilizes the magic of Airtable to gather it all in one place for me!”
Charlene Gethons
“...It (the system) streamlines the process and makes it so much easier to both collect and find my testimonials so that I can actually use them in my marketing materials.”
Delilah O.
“Jana has a trained eye to identify those details that will make or break your customer experience. Plus it's a joy working with her!”
Testimonial_Blanca Vergara_460x460
Blanca Vergara


Client Voices Amplified VIP Week

The VIP Week for multi-passionate online business owners who are ready to amplify their clients’ voices to improve their existing offerings, strengthen relationships with the existing customers, build trust with potential new clients, and ultimately, use their clients’ words to sell more of their products and services – without losing hours of their precious time trying to figure out how to streamline the whole process and build it into their business themselves (one day in a distant future).

After going through the Client Voices Amplified service, you will…

Time to harness the immense potential of your client feedback - the easy way!

Here's what's included with your purchase:

A deep dive into your business and your current setup for gathering feedback and testimonials from your clients and customers.

A custom-built client feedback system perfectly suited to your business, the type of industry you operate in, the type of clients you serve, and the type of transformation you facilitate.

Custom feedback forms for each of your offers, all leading into one powerful database, your Client Voices Treasury. A place you’ll turn to each time you want to strengthen your marketing message or improve your offerings.

A wide variety of search-through filters that empower you to quickly find the right information as and when you need it so you can not only gather that information, but you also act on it.

Guaranteed one week delivery of the bespoke system, video run-through of how to use the system going forward, as well as one week of post-delivery Voxer support.

Optional add on: monthly feedback analysis and synthesis retainer to help you transform newly received feedback into actionable insights, and/or get it ready to be slotted into your marketing.

How it works:

1. Book your VIP Week

Book your Client Voices Amplified VIP Week and let me know which one of the available slots you’d like to use for it.

2. Help me familiarise myself with your business

Complete your onboarding questionnaire to help me familiarise myself with your business, your offers and your current setup for gathering feedback and testimonials from your clients.

3. Let’s get more clarity on your exact wants and needs

Be ready to provide any additional information needed during our Day of Voxer (day 1 of the Client Voices Amplified VIP Week) – to ensure your bespoke new system is exactly what you want and need.

4. Your fancy-shmancy bespoke system delivery

Get your bespoke client feedback gathering system custom-built for you within the week you booked, complete with the video-walkthrough of how to use it going forward.

5. Time to put it to work

And that’s a wrap. All you need to do now is to replace your old feedback forms with the new ones (or have me do it for you); so that you can start receiving, organising and using new client feedback with ease, and attract more of your ideal clients to your offers as a result!


Client Voices Amplified
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Get your bespoke system up and running in just one week.
“Jana is an incredible systems thinker, and has worked wonders on my behalf in terms of helping me feel more in control of the work on my plate.”
Testimonial_Genie Gratto_800x800
Genie Gratto
“If you recognise the importance of providing a great customer experience in support of your brand, I’d highly recommend working with Jana.”
Testimonial_Meg Ward_200x200
Meg Ward
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Client Voices Amplified is perfect for you if…

Let's get you from...

Losing your clients’ words in the abyss of your computer and frantically trying to locate relevant testimonials to use just minutes before your next launch…

Having a repeatable process in place to easily use your clients’ words to attract more ideal clients to your world, and sell more of your offers!

“Thank you so much Jana for helping me organise myself, for creating my beautiful business base in Airtable and taking your time to get to know what's going on in my business to create the best solutions for me. It helped me feel more calm and less hectic. I really appreciate our collaboration and your professionalism!”
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Ola Kowalska
Ola Coaches Teachers

Only 3 VIP Week slots available per month.

Check the availability below, sign up, and then let me know which start date you’d like.

This is your opportunity to get your bespoke client feedback gathering system custom-built for you and integrated into your business in just one week at this never-to-be-repeated again low introductory price.