This Business Adventure Coworking

Online coworking dedicated to helping you make the time to work ON your business rather than always just working IN it.

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Why should you join

This Business Adventure COWORKING

Weekly coworking/body doubling sessions

Working on your business is always more fun when done with others.

Join fellow online business owners in focused work sessions to boost your productivity and keep yourself accountable to work ON your business rather than always just working IN it.

Pick my brain office hours

I’ll be right there with you to answer any questions about how to simplify your business backend, and streamline your systems and processes.

This is your chance to pick my brain on how to make it easier for yourself to run your business, serve your clients, and get more time to spend in your zone of genius.

Make progress in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Tap into the supportive energy of other online business owners who get the highs and lows of building an online business.

Plus, working from home can be so much more fun when done in a good company!

How does it work

What's coworking:

Coworking is kind of like in college, when you and your friends met at a library to sit at the same table and do the work individually. Just like that, in this online coworking, we all join from the comfort of our homes for the extra accountability and the companionship, but we all work on our own things.

How often do we meet?

We meet weekly on Wednesdays from 5-7pm CET (9-11am PST / 12-2pm EDT / 4-6pm GMT).

Once you sign up, you can join us any week that works for you. (Don’t worry, you’ll get the reminders.)

The structure:

We start by briefly introducing ourselves and stating what we are working on during the session, then we mute our mics to do the individual focus work, with the digital companionship on the screen. And then we check in with each other every 40 mins or so, Pomodoro style, to shake it out, get back on track, re-fill our mugs, and/or ask questions about simplifying/streamlining your business backend, systems and processes, or other sexy business stuff that makes running your online business easier. 😉

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Meet your chief business adventurer

Hi, I am Jana Krizanova

A Business Experience Strategist / OBM / Integrator – someone who believes that in business, just like in life…

It’s all about the experience!

I created this coworking container to help you make 2024 the year running your business started to feel less lonely, less overwhelming, and dare I say, more fun!

Join us for this weekly action-focused coworking designed to help you make the time to work ON your business, gradually improve your business backend setup, and make your business truly support you and your lifestyle.

“My life is so much better. I am actually making progress on the myriad of projects that had been lingering for a long time.”
080120_ErinAllgood-12_square (1)
Erin Allgood
Allgood Strategies
“Jana is an incredible systems thinker, and has worked wonders on my behalf in terms of helping me feel more in control of the work on my plate.”
Testimonial_Genie Gratto_800x800
Genie Gratto
“Working with you this year has been so good. I feel much lighter and very organised!
Testimonial_Ola Kowalska 2_460x460
Ola Kowalska
Ola Coaches Teachers