Turn Your New Group Members into Raving Fans

Find out how to leverage the first 100 days with your newly gained customers to build trust and loyalty with them right at the start of their journey with you.

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Meet the author

Hi, I am Jana Krizanova

A Client Experience Strategist and creator of this guide.

I get to geek out on a daily basis about how to make serving your clients as easy as possible for you, and super delightful for your clients. 

So that they remember you for all the right reasons and feel inspired to share their experiences with the world.

After all…

It’s all about the experience!

This guide was born out of one of those geeking-out sessions and is designed to help you delight your clients right at the start of their journey with you.

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“Bringing Jana in for a Customer Journey Audit was the single best investment I made. Her attention to detail, her ability to get into the mind of the user on the smallest of UX elements, and her recommendations and implementation of processes to streamline the community's communications protocols and therefore fully tighten up the level of service we provide were absolutely invaluable.”
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Heather Thorkelson
Triple Business Owner
“Jana clearly cares about making the experience easier for everyone involved. If you recognise the importance of providing a great customer experience in support of your brand, I’d highly recommend working with Jana.”
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Meg Ward
Share Your Big Idea
“Jana has a trained eye to identify those details that will make or break your customer experience. Plus it's a joy working with her!”
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Blanca Vergara
Your Looking Glass