Webinar Experience Management

Webinar Experience Management Is For You If:

You want the freedom to fully focus on:

  • delivering your webinar
  • presenting the content
  • conveying your message
  • connecting with your audience

Unfortunately, running a webinar is not just about the above.

Before you can deliver that amazing content you’ve been working on for a while now, that message you are so passionate about sharing with the world; you need to go through the technical set-up of things: 

  • Choosing the right webinar platform (3 hours)
  • Setting up the registration page (1.5 hours)
  • Beautifying it all with your branding (2 hours)
  • Drafting webinar reminders (1 hour)
  • Setting up follow-up emails (2 hours)
  • Making sure your webinar gets recorded on the day (priceless)
  • And shared with your audiences afterwards (30 mins)
  • Not to mention managing the chat during the webinar itself, aka whilst you’d just want to concentrate on delivering your content/presentation/message (priceless for peace of mind)

Do you really want all those things to be fighting for your attention?

If you’d prefer:

To clear your head so you can focus on preparing your presentation, 

to free up all of that tech set-up time for putting together your follow-up programme instead,


to free yourself up to concentrate on delivering your presentation and not running webinar logistics,

then outsourcing the Webinar Experience Management is the way to go!

Webinar Experience Management – What will it give you:

The headspace you need to be able to create content that’s highly engaging,

The extra time that’s so hard to find when trying to do all the things in your business by yourself, 

The opportunity to stay in your zone of excellence, putting your best work forward.

Webinar Experience Management services starting from €200/webinar

Ready to make an impact with your webinars?

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“Jana was helping us with various projects for Coworking Bansko, including creating a Guide to Bansko and with various events. She is a skilled writer, researcher and coordinator and brings each project to a successful conclusion.”

Matthias Zeitler, Cofounder @ Coworking Bansko Matthias Zeitler testimonial pic  

“Jana did an excellent job as a community manager for Digital Nomad Kit's student support group. She was efficient, helpful to all members and took the time to craft thoughtful feedback. She organized social events for the community and maintained a positive and fun demeanour, keeping everyone engaged. I can recommend her highly for any social media position."

Hannah Dixon, Founder @ Digital Nomad Kit Hannah Dixon testimonial pic

“It was a pleasure working with Jana. She has an extremely professional and enthusiastic approach to her work. Her attention to detail and ability to multi-task were a great addition to our team."

Sarah Fitzpatrick, E-Marketing Operations @ Tourism Ireland Sarah Fitzpatrick testimonial pic

“Jana provided me great value with her services. She is really professional, punctual and thinks with you.”

Fabian Aussems, Founder @ Aussems Software EOOD Fabian Aussems testimonial pic

“Jana is an amazing person to work with! Her positive energy, her angle towards tasks she faces and her winning 'let me see what I can do' attitude are a success in itself. She sees the greater picture and is on tasks until an outcome is achieved. I can highly recommend her!"

Uwe Allgauer, Founding Partner @ Coworking Bansko Uwe Allgauer testimonial pic

“Jana's expertise lies not just in being able to deliver against objectives, but to understand at a deeper level what is needed to ensure the foundations of the tasks we worked through were thoroughly covered. Jana helped through a particularly difficult period of planning and organisation and I'm not sure I could have done it without her."

James McGilvray, Managing Director @ Nine Top Minds James McGilvray testimonial pic

"Jana's always positive and professional attitude has been highly appreciated not only within the company but also by clients and our business partners and experts!”

Erik Heidema, Managing Director @ Pro4CE Erik Heidema testimonial pic

"When I worked with Jana I was in the process of launching a live challenge on Facebook and hadn’t realised just how much work was involved! Jana helped me make the experience easier for everyone involved in the challenge, finding ways to reduce my workload while improving the onboarding process for my clients. If you recognise the importance of providing a great customer experience in support of your brand, I’d highly recommend working with Jana.”

Meg Ward, Value & Visibility Coach

"When Jana first joined, I didn't have a clear vision of what her job role would be - just that we needed help organising some of our engagements. Jana embraced this like a true professional and, several months down the road I'm pleased to say that the business and engagement process is much more streamlined. She's now an integral part of the team as well as a trusted advisor. Overall I couldn't recommend Jana enough and thank her for a job well done."

James Cross, Founder @ Colibri DigitalJames Cross testimonial

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