Looking to turn your one-time customers into repeat clients?



Find out how to improve retention in your group programmes and turn your clients into raving fans!

You are in the right place if:

You are a business owner / service provider /  course creator / community manager and you care about the experiences you provide.

You have a live group programme designed to help your clients overcome their struggles. You want them to join your group programme, so they can learn from you and grow. 

You’ve spent a lot of time carefully crafting content for your programme and invested a lot of energy and money into getting people through the door. Only to see them do your programme and then watch them leave. Wondering if they even liked it and not knowing whether they plan on coming back for more.

Are you experiencing any of the below?

  • Clients who only buy from you once?
  • Clients who don’t leave testimonials?
  • The constant need to market to new customers?

Thinking it would be much better if you could just:

  • Keep your clients with you longer.
  • Boost your clients’ loyalty.
  • Turn one-time customers into repeat customers.
  • Transform existing clients into your brand ambassadors! 

Because you know that…

… Retaining current business is way more cost and energy-effective than having to get new people in the door.

You also know that your customers are your bread and butter and you want to treat them like gold, at every step of their journey with you. So they always feel valued and taken care of. From the very moment, they sign up for your programme, until after it’s over, and beyond.

So that once your programme is over, they’ll want to:

  • Continue their journey with you…
  • Sign up for your next programme or service…
  • Excitedly tell everyone about their recent experience with you!

If that’s what you’d like to achieve, but you are not sure WHERE TO BEGIN or WHAT TO DO TO GET THERE, then my Raving Fans Formula is perfect for you!

Introducing the Raving Fans Formula

The Raving Fans Formula is a proven process that’ll help you to:

  • Improve your client retention rates.
  • Boost your clients’ loyalty.
  • Increase your clients’ lifetime value.
  • Build stronger connections with your programme participants.
  • Increase the percentage of clients who leave you glowing testimonials. 
  • Get new clients as a result of positive word of mouth referrals from your existing clients.
  • Escape the vicious circle of constantly needing to market to new customers.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors on the quality of experiences you provide.

In short: The Raving Fans Formula is all about helping you transform your programme attendees into brand evangelists who can’t wait to buy your next programme and rave about their experience with you in the meantime.

Ready to turn your programme attendees into your brand ambassadors?

Then let’s jump on a call to find out if this programme is the right fit for you.

I had the pleasure of working with Jana during one of my online product launches. 

She was focused on testing the customer experience. She reviewed all that my team had created from the point of view of the prospects and customers. Her comments ranged from typos to strategic input. She is not only extremely detail-oriented but also has a sense of what constitutes an excellent customer experience.

If you are looking to improve your customer experience, she’s the lady you need. I can see her expertise working wonders for different stages of customer journeys (live events, online events, after-sales, etc.) Highly recommended!” 

Blanca Vergara

Soul and Business Mentor

Working with Jana was a real pleasure right from the start. 

She set a pleasant and comfortable space to discuss my online program and her feedback on my customer journey was both focused on details needed; as well as strategic, guiding me on how to provide a more human experience for my clients. 

Overall, Jana’s feedback gave me a clear direction on what to concentrate on in order to make my next program even better!

Hizell Regalado

Creative Mindset Facilitator

I am obsessed with great customer service but as a busy triple business owner, there’s simply no way that I have the bandwidth to see the gaps in my customer journey. I need the time and headspace to operate out of my genius zone, but at the same time, I want to deliver a seamless experience for my customers and clients. 

When I started my flagship community coworking program The Incurables, bringing Jana in for a Customer Journey Audit was the single best investment I made. Her attention to detail, her ability to get into the mind of the user on the smallest of UX elements, and her recommendations and implementation of processes to streamline the community’s communications protocols and therefore fully tighten up the level of service we provide were absolutely invaluable. 

With Jana’s help, I never worry that something will fall through the cracks or that a client will be left hanging, and that is critically important to me as a humans-first business owner.

Heather Thorkelson

Business Coach, Founder of Twin Tracks Expeditions, and Co-founder of Polar Pioneer Management

More about the process:

The Raving Fans Formula is a 3-step process I use to help you identify all the possible ways to improve your clients’ experiences at every stage of their journey with you.

Step 1: A discovery call to talk about your programme and any struggles you might be facing with it. If it’s a match, I’ll help you decide what areas of your customer journey needs improving the most. (In case you prefer not to do them all.)

Step 2: You’ll submit all necessary material for me to review. (Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through the process.)

Step 3: This is the fun part. I’ll thoroughly analyse your customer journey for any gaps and provide a comprehensive report with: 

  • list of suggested improvements
  • detailed outline of action steps necessary to reach your goals in the most effective and streamlined way. 

(If that’s of interest, my team can also help you with the implementation part.)

7 areas of your customer journey

I can help you improve all 7 areas of your customer journey or focus on just a few of them. I’ll help you decide on the best course of action on the call. 

1. Your Onboarding Processes

I’ll give you exact steps to follow to improve your customers’ experience when they first get to you.

2. Your Customer Care Processes

I’ll take a look at how it’s done right now and give you a number of ways to make sure that your customers are taken care of and feel valued throughout their stay with you.

3. Your Community & Engagement Setup

Surely, one of the reasons you run a live group programme is to facilitate community and relationship building. I’ll make sure you are utilising all the contact points available to you to build an engaged community that supports your live group programme. And if there are any hidden opportunities for your participants to engage with you and/or with each other, I’ll make sure to point those out too. 

4. Your Communication with Participants Before, During & After Your Programme

The first 100 days after the sale and your interactions with customers in this time period are absolutely crucial for building customer loyalty. That means the pre- and post- event communication is as important as during the programme communication (if not more!) I’ll review your communication with your programme participants during this period, making sure that you utilise it to its full potential.

5. Your Delivery on Promises from Your Sales Campaign (e.g. bonuses offered)

Looking at your entire programme from an outsider’s perspective often brings to the forefront some things you’ve promised and then completely forgot about. Don’t fall into the trap of not living up to your customers’ expectations ever again!

6. Preparation of Your Participants for Your Upsell Offers & Any Additional Follow-ups

Remember you wanted to keep your customers with you longer? I’ll help you incorporate your next-logical-step offers into your ongoing communication with the programme participants. So that you don’t wait until the very end of your programme to awkwardly try to sell to them something they’ve never even considered before. I’ll help you get them to sign up for your next programme right there and then.

7. Your Setup for Gathering Feedback/Testimonials from Your Participants

We’ve all heard about the importance of social proof for the effectiveness of your marketing. Yet, so many business owners tell me that they hate asking for feedback and/or testimonials. I’ll help you automate that process so you can still learn from the feedback received, whilst taking the personal pinch out of that experience. It’s a win-win all around as you get to improve your programme, whilst also getting glowing testimonials to use for your next launch!

How much, you ask?

I’m, by no means, a fan of no-pricing tactics before you get on that call. 

But, since this is a highly-personalised service, the pricing will fluctuate depending on the scale of your group programme as well as how many areas of customer experience you’d like me to review…

So here is an indication of what your investment for the “Raving Fans Formula” might be:

The pricing starts at €250 for one area of customer experience – choosing from the 7 areas highlighted above. 

What I’d highly recommend doing before you decide, is jumping on a call with me (no strings attached) so we can discuss your specific needs and I can give you a more accurate pricing on the call. 

Sounds reasonable?

When I worked with Jana I was in the process of launching a live challenge on Facebook and Jana helped me manage the experience. She clearly cared about making the experience easier for everyone involved in the challenge, finding ways to reduce my workload while improving the onboarding process for my clients.

If you recognise the importance of providing a great customer experience in support of your brand, I’d highly recommend working with Jana.

Meg Ward

Value and Visibility Coach

Oh and just in case you are thinking: “Well, I do need to figure out how to improve some of those areas (or all of them) but I don’t actually have the manpower to then apply all those suggestions in my business” – then know I can help with the execution part as well.

Jana Krizanova Introduction Picture

Hi, I’m Jana [Yanna], your Customer Journey Strategist.

I get how difficult it can be to look at your own creation, your own baby, and see it through your customers’ perspective. To put yourself in your customers’ shoes and to feel what they might be feeling as a result of your interactions with them.

I know, because all the clients I’ve worked with, were struggling with the very same thing.

What I hear back from them is that going through my customer journey review process has helped them see what was invisible before. And that as a result of my review, they were able to significantly improve on the experiences they provide to their clients.

And in my customers’ words: “the glowing testimonials are so worth it!”

If you’re ready to turn your clients into raving fans, then we should talk.

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